Can I wish and iron Geek Villain battlemats?
  • Yes you can. We have aftercare section where the process is explained in details. Click on little arrow next to Wargaming mats and choose Aftercare from the menu. 

Will Geek Villain mats crease?

  • Yes, if they are incorrectly stored for a long time they will.

How can I get read off creases?

  • Try to smooth the surface with your hand, if the mat has light creases it will work just fine. Otherwise we recommend a wash and then dry the mat hanging out folded in half.

Will they mat last?

  • We have been manufacturing mats for over 2 years now and none came back. Trust us they are solid. 

Which mat would be the best?

  • This all depends what you want to play and in which scale. We have over 40 designs on our website, however if you need help with choosing drop us a message. 

What's the colour difference between different green mats?

  • We recorded Youtube video where you can see colour comparison of different green mats with different scale minis.

Are you on Blue Light Card?

  • Absolutely! To show our support and express our appreciation for hard work of our Emergency Services and Army Personnel we offer exclusive discount just for them. If you struggle to find it, drop us a message.

Do you support gaming clubs? 

  • 100% we do. Core value of our company is to support and grow Wargaming communities in every way possible, whenever possible. Get in touch for exclusive club discounts. 

We are running charity, raffle, competition and would like Geek Villain support, is it possible?

  • Always, just drop us a message and we will sort it out for you.