Is your mat dirty? Or maybe it's creased? Worry not!

Geek Villain mats can be machine washed.


We recommend washing our gaming mats on a normal 30-40* cycle. You can add detergents as you would normally do when washing your coloured garments. You can add softener to the wash…that will make the mat fluffier and bring back original properties of the fabric that were lost during manufacturing process.


You can iron the mat on a medium heat setting (**)

Let’s look at the scenarios:

  1. Big fold crease in the middle of the mat…
  • Wash the mat on the normal cycle, let it dry and that should fix the problem, if not…iron it and you are sorted.
  1. Stains from food or beer…(we all done it)
  • Wash the mat exactly like in step one
  1. Small creases on the mat
  • You can iron them out by either using iron or just leaving the mat lying flat on the table for few hours. 

None of the creases are permanent on the mat. Due to production volumes we now have to fold mats when they are still hot straight from the press. This is the main factor causing creases, once treated as per above instruction you should not have this problem again as the fabric is difficult to crease when cold.

I hope this helps.