Sparta - expansion box for Mortal Gods

In today’s article, I will be reviewing the expansion pack for Mortal Gods called Sparta.


The expansion pack brings the fearless Spartans to the table. With new cards and units, you can expand your current force or create a new one.

The expansion box contains:

1 x Meonas the Harvester, of Sparta - Metal Spartan Lochagos 
1 x Metal Spartan Hoplite
1 x Metal Helot
16 x plastic Victrix Ancient Greek miniatures, made up of the following:

1 x Spartan hoplite frame (8 miniatures)
1 x Unarmored hoplite frame (8 miniatures)
The above provides the core of any Spartan Lochos.

Rules for using a Spartan force as your Lochos
24 x Spartan Roster Cards
5 x Spartan Gift Cards

3 x Spartan Omen Cards

7 x Damage Dice (red & white)

19 x metal Spartan shields displaying the 'Lambda'.


Minis included in the box are really nicely sculpted, with a lot of details.





Inside beautifully illustrated book you will find history of Sparta, new special rules and a short story describing Meonas the Harvester.



This expansion allows you to take control of Spartan Lochos, a small band of highly trained warriors that are ready to defend their homeland.


New Lochagos and unit cards can be found in the expansion box:



The Sparta special rule is the ability to form your Sprtan Krypteia, a version of phalanx. Three units of Spartan Krypteia can join together and create a very strong unit with fantastic defence stats.

Happy Gaming!!!



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