Russian Soil
Russian Soil

Russian Soil

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We would like to introduce you to our line of basing products by Geek Villain Studio.

We worked extremely hard to develop a product that you would be fully satisfied with. We use a blend of the best products on the market, including pure earth pigments to deliver the most vibrant but yet natural colour.

This is the top quality basing product on the market. Our basing product can be used not only on the bases of your miniatures or terrain. You can also use them to create that "dirt" effect on your models, thanks to the pigments. We don't sell just an overpriced mixture of sand and gravel. 

We are proud to say that we managed to achieve the best and most affordable solution for tabletop wargaming.

This mix is perfect for armies fighting at European theatre - from Russia to France and Italy to Sweden.

  • Highly pigmented mix 
  • 300g of mixture that's ready to be applied on any base 
  • Due to high pigment content, you can create a "dirt" effect on your miniatures
  • Basing product comes in a plastic ziplock bag.